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Wood Without Compromise

Medieval Gray
Calvary Oak
Urban Mist Maple
Urban Mist Maple
Sand Pearl Oak
Wine Barrel Oak
Blue All Pet Warranty Label

All Pets.

All Accidents.

All The Time.

Scratch Protection Logo Limited Warranty Label

Residential Warranty

Lifetime Care Warranty Covers The Following:

General Stain

Household Pet


Plank Size7.5" to 9"W
54" to 80" L
Specs + Warranty +

Waterproof Flooring System

Accidents happen. Luckily, RevWood Plus has a lifetime moisture warranty that covers spills, splashes and accidents. So you can encourage them to try new things—without worrying about your floor.

Maximum Scratch Protection

RevWood has a built-in barrier against everyday scratches and wear to keep your floor beautiful, so you don’t have to compromise between beautiful floors and beautiful moments. Go ahead—dance, play and make memories.

All Pet Plus Protection

All Pet Plus protection is the only warranty that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time. And RevWood Plus offers scratch protection that protects your floor from all kinds of paws, claws and mischief.


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